God created us to grow together, not in a vacuum. Experience better relationships, enjoy physical and emotional well-being, and grow spiritually through being a part of Fully Alive Group–a community of people seeking to thrive in every area of life as God intended. Click here to see more.

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We believe growth happens in community. Connect with others in the areas of Physical Health, Mental/Emotional Wellness, Loving Relationships, and Authentic Discipleship so that you can grow in these areas, and help others grow too!

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Get quality teaching, personal support, and a practical roadmap to living Fully Alive through monthly teaching from a board-certified Medical Doctor and ordained Doctor of Ministry (Dr. Carol), live Q&A sessions, forum discussions, downloadable tip sheets, and appearances by special guests.

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Physical Health

Optimizing your physical lifestyle through healthy eating/exercise/rest, navigating the healthcare system, and choosing appropriate medical care.

Mental / Emotional Wellness

Taking charge of your thoughts and feelings, taking in positive mental/emotional nourishment, and overcoming past traumas.

Loving Relationships

Learning to connect with others in life-giving ways, growing a healthy marriage relationship, thriving as a single, healthy communication, and sex and intimacy.

Authentic Discipleship

Discovering a life-giving connection with God, overcoming toxic religion, and experiencing lasting transformation through cooperating with God.

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